Wine Store Kit

Are you a wine store that has just joined Coravin in changing the way the world drinks wine? Order one of our Coravin Wine Store Kits to receive everything you need to know about using the Coravin Wine Preservation System to power your sampling and resale programs and  getting your Coravin program set up in store.

Each kit includes:

  • A pack of 40 product brochures
  • A table top brochure holder
  • A sheet outlining key selling features and a guide to overcoming common objections
  • A chart that outlines the difference between the different models of the Coravin System
  • A sheet highlighting best practices for Coravin success
  • Point of sale materials to help elevate your Coravin experience in store
    • A Coravin Capsules Easel
    • Two versions of shelf wobblers highlighting our accessories
    • A shelf talker
    • An aisle blade
    • A Coravin Moments postcard
    • Tasting stickers for bottles accessed by Coravin
    • Inserts for the tabletop brochure holder

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