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Wine Stores

Sample Any Wine, Any Time with Coravin

Coravin wine by the glass systems are for you and your customers. Use a Coravin System to sample wines while hand-selling, and then offer guests a Coravin System of their own.

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Pour a sip and save the rest of the bottle

for the next customer.

Pique customers’ interest in new bottles or idle inventory

they may not have otherwise purchased.

Give your customers confidence in their purchases

at your store.

Offer wine tastings and events at your store,

without wasting a drop.

Resell Coravin products to your customers

to give them a wine tasting experience at home.

Create wine + Coravin product bundles

for even more value to you and your customers.

Red wine being poured into a glass using a Coravin System, while a woman stands holding a glass of white wine.

Try Before You Buy with Coravin

With Coravin, you can pour a sample of wine and save the rest of the bottle for the next customer or weekly tastings. Move through idle inventory or introduce your customer to new varietals without fear of waste. Create loyal customers by giving them confidence in their purchases!

VID Urban Grape

Urban Grape offers wine tastings with Coravin

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Coravin Wine by the Glass Systems for Wineries

Tested and Loved by Wine Stores and Their Customers

TJ Douglas, Owner of Urban Grape

TJ Douglas

Owner of Urban Grape

Coravin helps me do my job better. It allows me to give [customers] tastes of the wine. It allows me to let them use Coravin at home, and not commit to a full bottle. Going to someone’s home should be like going into a bar. There should be different flavors, different textures, different price points of wine in your cellar, on your counter, or in your wine fridge.


Raquel Royers

Napa Valley based wine blogger at Watch Me Sip

Coravin has completely transformed the way I am able to enjoy my wines. I am constantly tasting wines to review them for my blog – before I had a Coravin, so many of those open bottles would go to waste, but now I am able to tap into them without popping the cork, which has been an absolute game changer. My favorite wine accessory, hands down!

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Verified Coravin Buyer

The Coravin was a game changer for me. I cannot finish a whole bottle of wine by myself, and in the past I would end up throwing out whatever I couldn't finish. Then I discovered the Coravin Wine Preservation System. Now I can draw only what I want to drink and then return the bottle to my wine rack. I couldn't be happier.