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Restaurants & Wine Bars

Expand Your Wine Offerings with Coravin Pro

Coravin products have been used on premise at restaurants and wine bars for years, powering profitable, unique, and successful wine programs.

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With Coravin, you can serve a taste, glass, or more from any bottle of wine, then remove the Coravin System and come back to the bottle weeks, months, or even years later.

Increase sales, manage inventory

and reduce waste.

Feature high-end BTG pours

that were only available in full bottle format.

Create flights or verticals of world-class wine

that will excite and educate guests.

Offer wines in any quantity

a taste, a glass, a half bottle, or a full bottle.

Be creative with pairing options

including rarer or higher-end wine offerings.

Pour fine dessert wines

by the glass to finish the meal.

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Sixty Vines Pours High-End Wines BTG with Coravin

Yield Measurable ROI

Increase fine wine sales by 10-20% by adding higher tiers of wine BTG.

Increase margin by offering wines from the bottle list to BTG.

Reduce wine waste by 100% on all bottles poured BTG with Coravin.

Greater selection BTG dramatically improves guest satisfaction.

Products Designed Exclusively for On-Premise

Coravin Pro is a line of Wine Preservation Systems designed exclusively for on-premise use, from tableside to behind the bar. With Coravin Pro Systems, you can serve just as much wine as your guests desire, and save the rest for weeks, months, or even years, without wastage.

Coravin Pro Wine Preservation Systems accommodate Coravin Pure™ Professional Capsules, which contain 30% more Argon than the standard Capsule, so you can keep the wine flowing.

Choose the Coravin Pro Wine Preservation System that is right for your business.


Model Three Professional

Pour wine without removing the cork, and save the rest of the bottle for months or even years. Your BTG selection no longer has to be limited by your sales. You can now offer your higher-end, rare wines by the glass, increasing ticket value and eliminating wine waste.

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Pivot™ Professional

The ingenious combination of the Pivot Stopper and Device allow you to pour and preserve wine for up to 4 weeks. Use Pivot to pour your high-volume BTG bottles, to ensure every glass tastes as fresh as the first.

Tested and Loved by Restaurant Professionals

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Joe Bastianich

Restaurateur, Wine Expert, and Coravin Investor

This product is nothing short of amazing for both restaurateurs and wine lovers alike. Once I tried wine accessed six months prior with Coravin and tasted no different, I knew this was a game changer.

George Milotes, MS, Owner of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs® at Walt Disney World® Resort

George Miliotes, MS

Owner of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs® at Walt Disney World® Resort

Coravin allows people to taste the greatest wines of the world by the glass.


Gene Zimmerman

Director of Beverage, Sixty Vines & Mexican Sugar

Sixty Vines strives to demystify and take the pretense out of wine. Coravin is a wonderful conduit to achieve this goal by allowing us to pour rare, sometimes obscure, and highly sought-after wines an ounce at a time and no guest gets tethered to an entire bottle, unless they want to be.

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